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The Rainbow Bridge

We have truly been so blessed for having every single one of our precious furry companions (past and present) in our lives and we thank God for them everyday.   Each and every one of them has touched our lives in such a special way.  They have all given us so much joy and we will always treasure their memories.

sudden silence,
slowly, memories bring sounds to fill the heart.
love once shared
bridges the gap forever



            There is a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth.  It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of its many colors.  Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge there is a land of meadows, hills and valleys with lush green grass.

            When a beloved pet dies, the pet goes to this place.  There is always food, water and warm spring weather.  The old and frail animals are young again.  Those who are maimed are made whole again.  They play all day with each other.

            There is only one thing missing.  They are not with their special person who loved them on Earth.  So, each day they run and play until the day comes when one suddenly stops playing and looks up.  The nose twitches!  The ears are up!  The eyes are staring!  And suddenly runs from the group!

            You have been seen, and when you and your special friends meet, you take them in your arms and embrace.  Your face is kissed again and again and again, and you look once more into the eyes of your trusting furry companions.

            Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together, never again to be separated.

These babies are still with us!

Smokey "The Smokster" (April 19, 1991 - January 8, 1994). Smokey will always be my most precious gift. He was my very first bun and the most precious, priceless gift I have ever been blessed with. My sweet bunny was a surprise birthday present from my husband Marc and I'll never forget that day. Smokey stole my heart the moment I saw him. He was just this tiny baby bunny, approximately 6 weeks old when we got him. He was a jet black ND with a tiny white spot just at the very tip of his nose and he was the sweetest little thing I had ever seen. He brought me so much joy and I have so many wonderful and happy memories of him that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I love him so and will miss him every day of my life.


Aussie (Rainbow Bridge - December 3, 1992) - Aussie was Smokey's Mate. She was a Silver Marten dwarf and she was so cute, sweet and gentle. Smokey loved her and I did too.

Joey (My little pal Joey) (Left) - This little guy was all by his lonesome at this feedstore where I shop for hay and litter for the buns. I couldn't resist him. He was just the cutest little guy. Joey has quite a personality. He is so adorable and very comical. Mopsy (Mop, Mop) (Right) Was at a local shelter for approximately 6 months. A friend asked me if I wanted another guinea pig, a female, who had been at the Shelter since Thanksgiving of 1997 and it was March, 1998 when I was told about her. I could not believe that this little pig was there so long and when I saw how gorgeous she was, I really couldn't believe it. She had a good home with someone that truly loved and cared about her. She and Joey lived happily ever after.

Lucky "My Lucky Girl" - It was Friday, September 13, 1991 when Lucky came into my life. She was about 4 months and was going to be slaughtered the following day and we weren't about to let that happen, so we took her even though I never imagined having more than two buns at that time. Opie "Opie Wan Can Opie" - I felt Lucky should have a companion so then came along Opie. He was just a little baby bunster when we got him, about 8 weeks old. Lucky wanted no part of Opie when we first got him, but he was just a baby at that time and she was about 1 1/2 years old. Opie and Lucky were inseparable. Opie passed away first, Lucky - a few years later.

Cheyla - We found Cheyla abandoned and roaming in our neighborhood. She was such a wonderful dog, so sweet, gentle, kind and loving. She hated motorcycles and would spin and spin when Marc would take her for a walk.  She was about 10 years old when we found her and was not spayed. We had her spayed and were lucky enough to have her about 1 1/2 years. We had to put our Cheyla to sleep August 31, 1994 due to cancer.

Missy - We also got Missy from the Sheltie Rescue. She and Rocky were best buds. She passed away in June of 2001. She was about 14. She loved to eat people food.  Her favorite was Spaghetti and Hot Dogs towards the end of her life.  She passed away of heart failure.

Herbie the wonder bunny!  Herbie with Brighton

HERBIE was a true gentle giant – when I first saw Herbie I was in awe.  He was stunning and I just adored those ears.  I fell instantly in love with him.  Herbie was in foster care the time I met him.  He had come to one of our adoption events and I just could not get him out of my mind.  Everyone that saw him stopped in their tracks and admired his handsomeness.  Several weeks after I met Herbie, my boss brought in an article with a picture of a bunny that was in the newspaper and he thought I would enjoy reading it.  The minute I saw it I was stunned – it was Herbie and I just had to have him.  Herbie was about the sweetest bunny on earth – just as big as he was, that’s how loving, sweet and a gentle soul he was. I always knew bunnies were very special and sweet but there is something extremely special about Flemish Giants.  I fell deeply in love with Herbie aka the Herbinator and eventually I bonded him in with Topper then with Brighton (to make a trio) after Brighton’s companion Sambo passed way.   Now all are gone but live forever in my heart.  I have a lot of ‘very special’ memories of Herbie but one that sticks out the most was how he snuggled with Sambo on the last days of Sam’s life. Even though Sambo was bonded to Brighton, Brighton sort of stopped cuddling with Sam towards the end (but it was during the hotter months and Brighton being a Jersey Wooley was probably too hot with all his fur) so I would take Sam out of his pen and put him on a pillow (since he was disabled) and I would cuddle with him until my lovely Herbie would come over and snuggle up.  It made Sam very happy even though when Herbie first came to live with us he so wanted to be with other bunnies and during the night jumped into Sam and Wooley’s pen.  At that time Sam was around 9 years old and was still quite feisty and he gave dear Herbie what for (when I entered the room in the morning I saw Herbie’s fur all over and saw Herbie lying across the room from Sambo and Wooley).  Thank goodness he wasn’t hurt.  That big bugger jumped a 30” pen.  I didn’t think the big buns had that in them, boy was I wrong.  So when Herbie came to snuggle up with Sam when Sam was in his last days and Sam tooth purred, it totally melted my heart.


Bunnies are truly so amazing.

Mike came into our lives in 1999. He and Rocky were best friends. Mike came from a house where his owner died and the children immediately took him to the pound. we got him a few weeks later. He disliked strangers and loved us. His spot was at the top of the stairs. His spirit is still there. He would protect the house from strangers, Fedex, DHL, UPS.  Our DHL rep was afraid of him until he got a chance to pet Mikey.  Mikey looked mean, but was a big teddy bear!

Sambo "Sam the Man", - My big handsome boy. Sam was found running loose in the neighborhood. Dumped I'm sure by some irresponsible human. A young man in the neighborhood found Sam and posted a sign about the bunny and left his phone number to call him. We called him and said that if no one claimed the bun we'd take him. Well no one claimed the bun and so we took him. Sam was approximately 1 year old when we got him in September, 1993. He was bonded with my Wooley and Sandy (Sambo's son), the three of them were just the most adorable, loveable and affectionate threesome.


Scooter (Scooten Tooten - Rainbow Bridge - June 14, 1998) - I only had this sweet precious bun for about 5 very short months. We think she was around 8 years old or older and had never been spayed. She was the only lopster bun I had ever had (up until Topper). She was a very sweet, adorable bun.

Wooley (My Wooley Bear) - My Wooley was a sweet, gentle, adorable love bun. She'll kiss your pants, feet, hands. Wooley was found running loose in my sister-in-law, Mary's neighborhood. It was raining that day and she was being chased by a cat. My nephew was able to catch her and then called us to take her. We took her with the assumption that we'd find a good home for her because I had just taken in Punky and Cream Puff. Well, we did find a very good home for her, OURS. I couldn't let her go.

Cream Puff (Crčme de la Crčme - Rainbow Bridge - August 6, 1997) - Cream Puff was as sweet as she was beautiful. She had the prettiest little face and her coloring was gorgeous. She reminded me of a snow bunny.  When we lived on Circulo Dali, she was at home in the guest bedroom and blended in with the stuffed animals.

Ethyl.  Goliath the Rooster and Lucy and Ethel the hens - They were at the local feed store that I frequent and I thought they were all very adorable. They were Japanese Silkies and they are really sweet birds. Goliath was a handful and is very comical and entertaining.

Goliath the Rooster and Lucy and Ethel the hens - They were at the local feed store that I frequent and I thought they were all very adorable. They were Japanese Silkies and they are really sweet birds. Goliath was a handful and is very comical and entertaining. The neighbors hated Goliath for crowing in the morning.  At the time there were no regulations against having roosters.  That changed after he had passed on.

Midge (Rainbow Bridge - December 22, 1994) - Sandy's sister.

Sandy "Sandy Man" - Sandy is my big gentle giant. As big as he is that's how sweet, gentle, loving and affectionate he was. Sandy would cuddle for hours. After Midge passed away, Sandy was a loner for quite a long time until I decided in January, 1999 that I was going to try and bond him with Sambo (his Daddy) and Wooley, an already established pair. The bonding went very well and the three were inseparable.

Minky (Rainbow Bridge - August 22, 1994). Minky was a gorgeous chinchilla mini rex. She was quite a handful even after she was spayed.  She was really spunky.

Punky (Punky Brewster - Rainbow Bridge May 4, 1995) - She was an absolute doll. She was a 3 lb. gray ND. I took her and her sister Cream Puff so that they would not be dumped in the Hollywood Hills. Punky was such a love.


BRIGHTON – sweet, adorable baby blue eyed Brighton was a very special bunny who had a thing for special needs bunnies.  I was fostering Brighton around the time my elder bun Sambo became disabled.  One night I had taken Sambo out for cuddle time and I had also taken Brighton out of his pen so he could run around a bit.  I was sitting on the floor with Sam and protecting him so Brighton wouldn’t try to hurt him when all of a sudden Brighton did a big flop in front us and kept scooting closer and closer – inch by inch – I put my hand on the side of Sam’s face just in case Brighton tried to nip him but much to my amazement Brighton pressed his face against my hand thinking it was Sam’s face - my heart literally melted like butter.  From that point on Brighton and Sam were bonded until Sam passed away from cancer at age 10 yr.  After my beautiful Sambo passed way I bonded Brighton with Herbie and Topper (and Stuart Little).  Brighton bonded immediately with Herbie being a sickly special needs bunny but gave Topper (a healthy bun) a very difficult time.  Eventually all three bonded but Brighton had a special place in his heart for Herbie.

STUART LITTLE – what can I say about my little Stu.  What an adorable piggie he was.  He came to me along with Peanut as fosters but I lost Peanut around the same time my little Pal Joey and I lost our dear little Mopsy.  I bonded the boys but it really wasn’t a bond made in heaven.  Joey gave Stuart a hard time and then my Joey became ill and we lost him.   Stuart then became a free roaming piggie and was bonded with Topper, Herbie and Brighton.  Stuart ADORED Herbie and pretty much went everywhere Herbie went. He especially loved the pellet mush I eventually had to give Herbie 3 times a day to sustain his weight because he was not a well bunny.  Stuart would practically get right in your face when we syringe fed Herbie so he would be given mush as well.  He was relentless too.  Then he would clean Herbie’s face.  It was absolutely priceless. Stuart was a lost after Herbie passed away and eventually I decided to get another piggie to bond with him who’s name is Sophie.  Although Sophie was quite a bit younger then Stu, they were really cute together (she was the trophy wife).   She adored Stuart and would not leave him alone.  Stuart had a fuzzy bed that he used to love to go underneath and Sophie would get on top of it and sit on him.  Again, Stuart would scream bloody murder and I again would LMAO.  She was all over him too like a fly on fly paper.  Guess she went for the older type men, LOL.   Oh, and I’ll never forget the night I threw Stuart in the trash.  I was HORRIFIED.  I was cleaning litterboxes and didn’t realize Stuart burrowed down in the box and I dumped the litter in the trash bag.  He never made a sound which was very odd.  So I continued to clean litterboxes when all of a sudden I noticed the bag move in which I thought was either a rat or other small animal in which I hoped would get out on their own and run off.  But as I continued to clean litterboxes I still saw the bag move – so I decided to cut a hole in the bag where all the movement was so that whatever was in there could get out when much to my horror I saw sandy colored wirey fur when I realized it was my Stuart.  Dear God!  I could laugh about it now but it wasn’t the least bit funny at the time.

TOPPER my sweet adorable lopster came into my life shortly after my Sandy-man passed away.  I remember visiting my vet’s office and saw his picture posted up on the window.  The family who had him was looking for a good home for him.  Topper was SO adorable I could not resist him.  I had never had a lop bunny of my own before – all had been up eared.  Topper aka Toppa Tio stole my heart from the moment I saw him (like all my buns have).  He was a very sweet, loving little guy.  He had that sweet, warm, loving disposition just like my Sandy who I was heartbroken over.   Topper was a hilarious little bunny.  He would take his toys and slam them down on the ground.  I used to worry about him hurting his toes.  Topper bonded fairly easy with other bunnies but my first attempt to bond him with Herbie was a real challenge.  After Herbie became quite ill and nearly died from pneumonia then had to have his eye and molars removed, Topper spent several months living next to Herbie then one day after Herbie was all healed and doing well I decided to try and bond the boys again. Thank goodness it went really well and the boys were finally bonded - yeah.  Eventually dear lovely Brighton and Stuart Little became part of the group and I had 3 male buns and 1 male piggie all living in harmony.  Some of the funnier moments with Topper were when I used to keep a pet carrier on the floor so either the buns or Stuart could go in it and lay down.  It was set up all comfy cozy with soft bedding.  Stuart loved to go burrow himself under the bedding and Topper





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