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Marc's Corner

Here are some of Marc's Pictures

Marc's Dads Car - 1988 Cadillac

Marc and Cadillac

Marc and Jenna at WolfGang Puck's in Malibu at a wedding celebration

Marc and Rocky Napping

Marc and Rocky remodelling the pool

Marc, Dad, and Rocky in 2001

Marc and Goliath the Rooster in 2003

Marc in Napa 2003

Marc and Rocky

Marc's Birthday

Marc and Niece Lauren 2004

Marc and Lauren - Thanksgiving

Marc and Lauren - Thanksgiving 2004


New Years 2004

New Years 2004

Marc/Rocky Checkup

Corporate Xmas 2006

4th of July Dog Show Picture

Marc and Ritz the Rescue Dog Placed With Father Weber

Xmas 2006

Marc & Mimi Rescued on 1/6/2006

4th of July Show 2007

Marc/Niece Audrey 11/2007

Xmas 2007

Valentines Day 2006

Niece Jenny and Meghan Xmas 2007

Brother Greg 2001

Blue and Skyler New Rescue Dogs 2008

Sleeping Blue & Skyler

Sleeping Blue & Skyler

Jenna and Blue and Skyler

Marc and his Crop

Jenna and her Step Sister Camay

Xmas 2008

Mary's Kids - Nieces and Nephews

Marc and Rocky 2001

Marc and Kevin USS Midway San Diego January 2009

Marc's Best Man Kevin At The Wedding 3-19-1988

Marc's Restored 1988 Cadillac/ New Paint, New Top

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